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We believe dentistry is more than “fixing teeth.”
It’s partnering with you to help you smile through life’s greatest moments.
What To Expect

Achieve Your Best Self

As your Hanson and South Shore Dentist, we deliver care to achieve your dental goals for both immediate and long-term success.

South Shore Dentist


Happiness is contagious. Walk through our doors and you’ll enter a warm, professional environment - that atmosphere is known to rub off on our patients.

South Shore Dentist


Dentistry isn’t one size fits all. Your treatment plan is customized, and we’ll walk you through your mouth’s personality with imaging technology. You'll see what we see.



Dental treatments are designed to work with your budget, not ours. We offer financing options, including our Membership Club - an affordable way to replace third-party insurance.

Don't Have Insurance? Don't Worry. We have a Plan.

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True Confessions From Our Dental Pros

South Shore Dentist

‘‘Dentistry is fascinating - it is the perfect mix of medicine, technology, and creativity. But more than anything else, I am a dentist because I love caring for my patients.”

- Dr. Freeman -


‘‘Freeman Dental Associates offers a relaxing and friendly environment, an experienced team, and cutting-edge technology, which allows us to offer state-of-the-art dentistry to everyone."

- Dr. Smith -


What the South Shore is Saying About

Freeman Dental Associates

‘‘Love, love, love the staff. Today was my first visit and I cannot say enough about Dr. Freeman and the team!’’

Patient of Freeman Dental Associates

‘‘Dr. Smith is simply wonderful. She and her staff really understand how to work with patients. My teeth are healthier and now I LOVE to smile.’’

Patient of Freeman Dental Associates

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Four Ways We Make Your Dental Visit MEMORABLE

Meticulous Care

Dentistry is much bigger than a set of teeth - it’s about partnering with you to maximize overall wellness and give you exuberant confidence. That is why we perform thorough, quality examinations!


We’re all friends in the South Shore community, and we love seeing familiar faces every day. Our team has been together for many years, so be prepared, laughter is commonly heard throughout the office!

Gorgeous Results

You just can’t argue with results. Our office locations are in small towns, and yes, word gets around! You’ll undoubtedly hear and see the results from all the confident, smiling faces in the South Shore.


This is your smile, not ours. We’ll talk with you and discuss your goals, customize an effective plan, and set the milestones to reach your dental goals. Try us out - you won’t be disappointed.

Jaw-Dropping Services

Embrace dentistry that will not only change your life but the lives of those around you.

We Now Offer CEREC Same Day Crowns!


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Two Office Locations

Many opportunities for your smile.

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