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Does your breath smell awful no matter how much you brush your teeth?

Why Do I Still Have Bad Breath After Brushing?

What if you’ve brushed your teeth and the bad breath persists? Learn 6 possible reasons you’re experiencing that “not-so-fresh” feeling even after brushing, as well as a few ways to solve the problem.

Power up your smile!

Affordable Ways to Enhance the Power of Your Smile

There are many affordable ways to improve your smile! If you don’t quite have the budget for a full makeover, that’s okay. The smile enhancement options featured in this post are inexpensive and can pack a powerful punch for a minimal cost.

Abington Dental Associates is now part of the Freeman Dental Associates Family

Exciting things are happening at Freeman Dental Associates, and we couldn’t wait to share the news. We are proud to announce we have expanded our dental practice family and added a new location in Abington. Abington Dental Associates is now part of Freeman Dental Associates. Dr. Freeman and Dr. Samela have been dedicated to serving […]

The Top 3 Surprising Reasons Why Straight Teeth Matter

Are you considering straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatment? You may be surprised to learn that the benefits of straight teeth go far beyond appearance. Learn the significant health benefits of a perfectly aligned smile.

Would You Be Able to Recognize Oral Cancer?

Would you be able to recognize oral cancer symptoms? Our blog details what you need to watch for to protect yourself and your family from this increasingly deadly disease.


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