Kids Dentistry In Hanson, MA

At Freeman Dental Associates, kids dentistry is about more than helping each child enjoy a bright, healthy smile. Dr. Freeman and Dr. Samela work hard to make sure your child’s visit is rewarding, fun and anxiety-free so they have no reason to fear a dental checkup!

Pediatric dentistry allows a group of teens, like the ones pictured, have healthy beautiful smiles for life.Our dentists always take extra time to earn the trust of both you and your child, with the goal of making each trip to our Hanson dental office a pleasant, worry-free experience. We recommend scheduling your child’s first dental appointment as soon after their second birthday as possible. That way we can ensure their smile stays healthy from the very beginning!

We always encourage you and your child to ask questions and are happy to address any concerns you have about your child’s dental care and oral health. Our pediatric dental team focuses on gentle reassurance – using simple explanations to answer your child’s questions and remove any fear of dental care.

Your Child’s First Visit

Our pediatric dental team understands you want what’s best for your child. That’s why we focus on providing the highest quality children’s dental care possible at Freeman Dental Associates in Hanson.

It’s completely normal for a child to be unsure or nervous about their first dental visit, but at our Hanson dental office, they don’t have to be! Our dental practice is designed to make your child comfortable and excited to visit the dentist. Dr. Freeman and Dr. Samela’s kind, caring, dispositions are reassuring for everyone, including our families with young patients.

Our kids dentistry team is trained to give your child all the time they need to be comfortable with our dentists and adjust to the dental care environment. Our entire Hanson dental staff is trained to be gentle and engaging, making dental appointments something your child will look forward to for years to come.

Regular Pediatric Dental Checkups

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) advises that children be seen for a pediatric dental checkup every 6 months. These visits allow Dr. Freeman or Dr. Samela to closely monitor new changes in your child’s mouth and ensure that you, as a parent, have the information you need to continue to promote oral health for your child.

Our Hanson pediatric dental team may suggest additional checkups if your child is more susceptible to cavities, or if your child is showing signs of orthodontic problems.

Teeth-Strengthening Mineral Application

Dental teeth-strengthening mineral treatments are safe and effective in decreasing the number of cavities in children. Dr. Freeman and Dr. Samela often recommend this treatment along with dental sealants to help protect your child’s teeth. This teeth-strengthening mineral acts as a shield for the tooth’s outer enamel and can actually reverse early dental decay in some children.

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Treatment options for cavities in young children depend on how severe the decay is as well as each child’s age and potential risk of future cavities. At Freeman Dental Associates, we typically treat cavities with mercury-free, discreet tooth-colored dental fillings.

Wisdom Teeth

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted – but some do. In many situations, it’s best to extract your child’s wisdom teeth before they jeopardize their entire smile.

Large family smiles for the camera, the kids all have beautiful healthy smiles from pediatric dentistry services att Freeman Dental Associates in Hanson, MAIf the development of your child’s wisdom teeth causes damage to neighboring teeth, or their wisdom teeth cannot fully erupt, we may consider extraction.

Our pediatric dental staff will take a digital x-ray of your child’s entire jaw, so we can see the size, location, and developmental stage of the wisdom teeth being considered for removal. At the earliest, wisdom teeth are removed in the mid-teen years, but 3rd molars often do not finish developing until closer to about 30 years of age.

Have Questions About Our Kids Dentistry Services?

Is your child due for a preventive checkup or other service from our variety of kids dentistry services? Give Freeman Dental Associates a call to schedule their appointment with Dr. Freeman or Dr. Samela today!

Concerned your child might need their teeth straightened? If you or your teenage child are interested in clear Invisalign braces, treatment can begin right here in our Hanson dental office.

e offer family dentistry services for the whole family to create one convenient location for everyone.

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