Family Dentistry in a Comfortable, Friendly Atmosphere

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Freeman Dental Associates Hanson Family Dentistry

Have you ever been to the dentist before? If not, what might you expect during your first visit? At Freeman Dental Associates, we want every patient who walks through our doors to feel like family and expect high-quality dental care. Building a family dentistry that is based on those expectations is no easy task for a dental office.

As a patient, going for dental procedures such as fillings, an extraction, a crown, or even a regular check-up are not moments we usually look forward to. Plus, sitting in the waiting room can be as exciting and interactive as walking into a local DMV office.

So, what makes our family dentistry practice different from all the others in the Hanson, MA, area and brings happy and healthy smiles to all of our patients? It’s the combination of two leading dentists and a friendly and professional staff that pull together and love what they do for their patients.

Dr. Alison Freeman, one of our dentists, has the right combination of dentistry expertise, energy, and a close-knit connection that she shares with each patient she treats. Dr. Freeman’s warm and caring demeanor brings an openness to the patient-doctor interaction.

While she primarily focuses on each patient’s dental care, she doesn’t shy away from engaging her patients in serious conversations about their dental health. This openness has allowed for the dental clinic to be highly recommended among patients who have friends and family who live nearby.

Dr. Taylor Darmetko, our other dentist in Hanson, brings a profound passion and expertise in dental care to the community. Her professional experience, including as a former volunteer for the American Association of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry and her dedication to long-lasting and caring patient relationships, have allowed her to flourish in our patient-friendly family dentistry environment.

Our friendly staff is composed of dental hygienists, assistants, and patient coordinators that all share the same enthusiasm and charisma that makes every patient who enters our office for a dental visit feel calm and comfortable.

In addition to our dental knowledge and the trust that we have nurtured with every patient, our family dentistry is built on one more feature: the extra step. In our office, the extra step references the extra things that we do for patients that are outside of our normal services, but make each visit unique to our patients. Our staff has spent years learning how to handle different cases from easy-to-explain follow-up questions to complex challenges that require us to reassure and comfort patients who need to return to the office for additional services or require follow-up calls as they recover at home.

Based on the testimonials we receive from patients, many of the extra steps we take are successful, including our efforts to provide off-the-clock follow-ups, translations for patients who don’t speak English, and our ability to calm patients who have anxiety issues.

Another extra service we provide is our in-office membership plan. Dental care can be costly for many families with low to medium incomes. With our in-office membership plans, patients can enroll in reasonable options that match their incomes, including childcare options. This allows low-income families and families who don’t have dental insurance to receive the dental care they need.

Freeman Dental Associates is not your regular family dentistry office. We have built a community and are changing the perception that dental visits are intimidating and tedious. With Freeman Dental Associates, families can be confident that they are receiving quality services in a caring and family-friendly environment.

Call 781.293.2128 today to schedule an appointment or visit our website here for other information. We look forward to your first visit!