Freeman Dental: Dental Bridges for a New Smile

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Are you in need of dental bridges to fix your smile? At Freeman Dental Associates, our specialized team of doctors focus on providing you the best options for your circumstances with the highest quality care. Our extensive list of restorative, general, cosmetic, and family dental services are fully tailored to suit your needs.

Missing teeth affect more than just your appearance, they could potentially damage the health of the surrounding gum and mouth tissue. They can also lead to jawbone loss, creating a deterioration in facial structures that can result in permanent damages. Dental bridges restore your smile by replacing the missing tooth with an almost exact replica.

Not only does it get your smile back on track, the procedure can also rehabilitate and maintain proper chewing, biting, and alignment. Filling the gap also prevents the adjacent teeth from sliding into the void, an issue that could create future problems with your bite. Because they are unnoticeable, dental bridges provide stability without intrusion. They take a short amount of time to get accustomed to, as our doctors take special care in readjusting the bridges to establish the perfect fit that feels both comfortable and natural.

The bridge is supported by crowns on each side of the missing tooth, which are custom support beams created to fit the exact proportions of your smile. They permanently hold the replica in place, ensuring that it stays put for years to come.

The procedure can be done in just 2 visits! We strive to avoid disrupting our customer’s lives and understand that conflicts in scheduling are a part of life. If you ever need to reschedule, please give us a call at 781-293-2128 as early as possible.

Our doctors recommend dental bridges as the best method of permanently improving your smile. The replacement tooth will be custom made to look and feel as if it’s never been gone, while the crowns will ensure that the bridge is stable for the rest of your life!

Through the readjustment process in between both visits, a temporary bridge is installed to ensure the position, tightness, and alignment of the new tooth and make any changes upon the customer’s request. This procedure is all about your comfort, which is why our specialized team of doctors here at Freeman Dental Associates go above and beyond throughout the planning, operating, and readjustment stages of your dental bridges.

There are no more reasons to wait! Come pay us a visit at 7 Gorwin Drive in Hanson, MA, to get started on your journey toward a cleaner and healthier smile! Don’t just take our word for it, take it from our various patient testimonials.

Whether it’s your first time sitting in the dentist’s chair or your annual check-up, we strive to provide you with the highest quality care matched by our friendly and professional atmosphere to ensure your comfort is our No. 1 priority.

The start of your journey toward a healthier and straighter smile is just a click away!