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Types of Dental Tools to Be Familiar With

Posted on 11/15/2018 by Legacy DSO - Freeman Dental
Dental Tools Freeman Dental Associates MA 02341Many people fear the dentist, and this discomfort exists for a variety of reasons. However, you may feel more comfortable going into your next appointment if you know more about the most common dental tools. Here are a few with which you should be familiar.

Dental Drill

When you think about dental tools, the first that comes to mind is probably the dental drill. This electric drill spins to remove decay before placing a cavity. It also shoots water into the mouth to keep the tooth cool so that damage doesn't occur.

Saliva Ejector

Your mouth needs to stay dry throughout your dental exam, and a saliva ejector can help. This suction device involves a tube attached to a vacuum, and it works to remove saliva from your mouth.

Mouth Mirrors

One of the most common tools that you'll see during your dental exam is a mouth mirror. These small mirrors affixed to metal handles work to examine the teeth for cavities or other tissue abnormalities. They also protect the gums from sharp instruments during treatment, and they provide us with a clearer view of the inside of your mouth.

Sickle Probes

Sometimes known as a dental explorer, a sickle probe has a long handle with a hook at the end. This tool explores the pockets in between teeth, and it can also scrape away plaque and tartar. Should you have a cavity, the tip can also be used to investigate.


While the sickle probe might remove small areas of tartar and plaque, if you have significant build up, a scaler may be more efficient. A scaler scrapes excess plaque off the teeth, and it can ultimately prevent you from tooth loss as a result of decay.

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