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Do Acidic Drinks Increase Your Chances of Tooth Sensitivity?

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Legacy DSO - Freeman Dental
Do Acidic Drinks Increase Your Chances of Tooth Sensitivity?Whether cracking open a cold can of soda, or sipping on your hot morning coffee or tea, you may want to reconsider before taking that first sip. If you experience sensitivity to temperature, sugar, or acidity, the drinks you're enjoying may be increasing your risk of developing tooth sensitivity!

Erased Enamel

The biggest issue with drinking acidic beverages is that your mouth needs a carefully balanced PH value. The porous dentin and enamel inside your mouth cannot properly adapt to high acidity and will slowly be worn down and eaten away by your drink of choice – especially if you don't rinse afterwards with water to restore a healthy level. Without that protective barrier, the sensitive nerves underneath will be exposed to the elements, making slight changes in temperature or texture suddenly intolerable.

Dental Illness

Further complicating things, the drinks may be contributing to an unhealthy environment for bacteria to thrive – especially if they're sugared, which is a fuel the bacteria uses to develop, and then breaks down into acid once done. Said acid, then additionally wears away at your teeth, making you even more at risk for sensitivity and disease.

Once the acid has thinned and eroded your teeth, infecting agents will be able to climb inside and establish themselves on your nerves and gums, which will cause sensitivity and pain as the tooth slowly succumbs to infection. It may then spread to other healthy teeth, decreasing their threshold for tolerance and causing even more sensitivity, in a loop that may ultimately end in needing surgery or antibiotics to correct.

If your teeth are sensitive and you suspect your favorite drinks are to blame, you should reach out to us. We'd be glad to schedule your appointment and answer any questions you may have for us for us regarding your teeth.
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