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How Can Cavities Get Overlooked?

Posted on 2/28/2019 by Legacy DSO - Freeman Dental
How Can Cavities Get Overlooked? Most people think that a cavity is easy to detect because one of the symptoms of a cavity is pain, right? Well... while pain may indeed be a sign of a cavity, in reality, a cavity may be more difficult to detect than pain, because the cavity may be too small to be painful. So, if cavities can be so small, how can you make sure they are not overlooked on an exam?

Teeny, Tiny Cavities

Sometimes cavities happen where you can't see them, especially in the back of your mouth, or where you can't always reach with your brush. You may not be able to see them when you look in the mirror, either. Cavities can also happen at the gum line in your rear teeth, when you don't floss, which makes them really hard to see.

Also, some cavities are actually large, but they have small openings, which means that they are difficult to spot until you start to feel pain.

So How Are Cavities Detected?

Dentists have lots of ways to seek and destroy your cavities. They are able to see in places you can't, which means that if you are visiting the dentist twice a year, they will be able to see cavities before you are even able to spot them yourself.

Dentists can also use x-rays, light, photography, and magnification to make sure no cavities are lurking where you can't see them. Because your dentist is able to completely check your teeth twice a year, he or she makes it easier to spot potential problem areas before they even get started.

If you want to make sure your teeth are cavity free, why not give us a call? We would love to talk to you about the benefits of constant dental care towards your overall health- not to mention keeping that beautiful smile. Why not give us a call today?

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