Braces for Kids

It is a good idea to bring your child in for an orthodontic screening with Dr. Alison Freeman and Dr. Taylor Darmetko by age 7. If your child is dealing with alignment issues, our dentists will make a treatment recommendation. One of the options we may recommend is braces. We invite you to call Freeman Dental Associates at 781.293.2128 to schedule an appointment for your child to see if they could benefit from children’s braces in Hanson, Massachusetts.

Braces are an excellent method for straightening a person’s smile and have been used for hundreds of years. They can be very effective for improving children’s smiles since they are still growing and the position of their jaws are easier to adjust. Braces are also preferable for children since they may
not be able to follow the instructions for using clear aligners.

Braces use a system of brackets, wires and bands to slowly move your child’s teeth and jaw ligaments into their optimum positions for a healthy bite. Our dentists can use braces to address tooth crowding, a misaligned bite, crooked and gapped teeth, and improper tooth alignment. We will give you and your child instructions on cleaning and caring for their braces, and you will need to bring your child in for regular appointments for checkups and adjustments.