Root Surface Debridement

The primary causes of gum disease are plaque and bacteria. It is not uncommon for calcified deposits to build up in the pockets between your gums and teeth. The result can be a rough and uneven tooth surface. The rough texture of your teeth will make them difficult to clean and will give bacteria and plaque extra places to hide and contribute to the progression of your gum disease.

At Freeman Dental Associates, our dentists and team offer root surface debridement, or RSD. When you visit our office for this treatment, Dr. Alison Freeman and Dr. Taylor Darmetko will administer a local anesthetic for your comfort. Then, our dentists will clean the roots to remove the harmful substances that can put your smile at risk. Our dentists will also smooth the roots to prevent further accumulation of those substances. This process also allows your roots to reform healthy attachments to your jawbone and strengthen your smile. Our dentists may combine RSD with other treatments for maximum effectiveness.

This is a simple treatment that can be done in a single visit to our office. If you are struggling with gum disease and would like to make an appointment for root surface debridement in Hanson, Massachusetts, call our office today at 781.293.2128.